Add Custom Questions to Campaign

Once your custom fields are created, you'll go into the campaign you want to add them to. 

Custom fields are added into the settings of each tool, rather than into the campaign itself. The custom questions will be part of the transaction flow of that tool or call-to-action, so you'll want to determine first which of the tools you want to add them to. (If your campaign only has one tool, as most do, then the choice is obvious). For example, if you want to ask about dietary restrictions from those who buy tickets to your event using the Registration tool, you'll want to add them to the Registration tool only.

For Donations, Online Store, and Sponsorship

Click on Edit for the campaign in question, go to Tool Settings and click on Manage Settings in the transaction flow / engagement tool you'd like to have them added. 

Regardless of the tool you are in, once you are in here, click on the very first Settings bar. Click into this first section and click Edit. 

At the very bottom of this section, you'll find a section that called "Add Custom Fields." Toggle this area to Yes and there will appear a drop-down where you can select the custom fields you created.

To add multiple custom questions, click the button below that says "Add Custom Field". Once clicked, another drop-down will pop up where you can select the other question you want to add. Keep doing this for every question you have created and add them in one by one. Click Save and now your campaign will be updated with the additional questions. 

For Registrations and Volunteers

The process is exactly the same, except the custom fields are not added to the "Registration Settings" or "Volunteer Settings" tab. Rather, they are added into the specific Registration Group or Volunteer Position, so you have full control over which groups you as which questions. 

To find this area, click on Edit for the campaign in question, go to Tool Settings and click on Manage (or Add/Edit) on either the Volunteer tool or Registration tool.

This will bring you to a list of Registration Groups or Volunteer Positions. Click on the pencil / Edit icon for the Registration Group or Volunteer Position you'd like to add the questions to. At the very bottom of this section, you'll see the same Add Custom Fields area as described above.

For Registrations, there is one extra step. You'll want to choose whether you want to apply the questions you've just added to the Registrant only or to each Individual Participant. (The Registrant is the buyer or person filling out this transaction, and the Individual Participants are the ticket holders or attendees for whom the registration is being made).

Click Publish Registration Group (or Publish Volunteer Position) to save your changes!