Rename Peer-to-Peer Button and Descriptor

Click on Edit this Campaign for the campaign which you'd like to edit, and under tool settings click on "Add or Edit" in the Peer-to-Peer box. Once here, click on Peer-to-Peer settings to edit the main settings for this tool.

1. Here, you can change the name of the Call-to-Action button for peer-to-peer from the default "Become a Fundraiser" to anything else that you'd like. You'll want to make sure that the text on this button will be clear to your supporters exactly what it does.

2. You can also change the descriptor of your peer-to-peer fundraisers from the default "fundraiser" to anything else of your choosing, such as "advocate" or "board member" or anything else you might prefer for this particular campaign.

3. Similarly, you can also change the wording of "team" and "team captain" to better suit your needs for this particular campaign. Using teams is not required, so if your campaign does not use teams, you can ignore updating this setting.