2019 Changes to Main Menu & Campaigns Area

1. We have consolidated the Dashboard Main Menu on the left-hand sidebar. 

  • We’ve streamlined the sidebar to only display what is needed - Integration Center, Custom Fields, Reports, and Activity Management under “OPERATIONS,” Account Summary and Statements under "MERCHANT ACCOUNT" and Settings and Manage Admins under “SETTINGS."

  • Changes: We’ve moved Campaign-related settings (Campaign Presets, Supporter Messages, and Campaign Activity) to the Campaigns section. These can now be found in the Campaigns sub-navigation along the top:

2. In addition to the new sub-navigation tabs now in Campaigns, we have moved the Active Campaigns, Campaign Drafts, Archived Campaigns, and Campaign Menus into the first tab, called All Campaigns. From All Campaigns, you can search all of your campaigns by name or ID in the search bar, and quickly navigate through your campaigns all from one page:

3. The Campaigns section also now contains a brand new section called Waivers.

This is a brand new feature where you can set up and manage various waivers, which can then be applied to any campaign or engagement tool within that campaign.