Account Settings Overview

Your Account Settings is where you can edit your organization information, update payment settings, and change your password.


This section has your organization's general information, including:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Website
  • Organization Email
  • Organization Contact Phone #
  • Organization Address
  • EIN

In addition, it has the information for the administrator contact display. Click Save if you're done updating the information provided.


This is where you can edit the Super Admin's profile, such as their username, first and last name, login email, and contact phone number. You can also set up and enable the two-factor authentication here as well as change the password for your Flipcause account.


You can take a look at your payment settings to see all the subscription details for your upcoming subscription payment for your Flipcause platform.

If you want to add a credit card on file, simply open the Payment Info section and click Add a Card on File. All information will be applied for your next subscription payment.

In your Invoices section, you can take a look at all subscription payments that have been conducted in your account. Next to each payment is a PDF receipt that's available for you to download and print out for your records.


In this section, you can manage which countries you can allow having transactions with your organization. You have the option to manage card and IP permissions. Additionally, you can block any transaction where geolocation doesn't match the credit or debit card's issuing country.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us today!