See Activity Per Individual Fundraiser or Peer

There are 3 main ways to view activity for an individual fundraiser/peer.

1. Via the Stats Area 

(Both you and your individual fundraisers can see this)

In the Peer-to-Peer settings of your campaign, click to "Edit" any individual fundraiser. This will show you a page with their stats.

The individual fundraiser can also see this page, with their own login. They can log in to see this page by clicking the link in the email that they received after their page was first created,

or by clicking Log In from the top right of any individual fundraising page. 

2. Via the Campaign Page (quickest way)

(Anyone can see this)

Is by looking at the Activity Feed on that individual's campaign page. This section is public so both you and your supporters and fundraisers can see this. (Those who have asked to remain anonymous or have been hidden from this public feed be the organization will not appear here.)

3. Via the Reports (most detailed way)

(Only those with access to your Flipcause Account back end Reports area can see this)

You can also pull a report by going to Reports > Transactions > Select Date range, Activity you're looking for, and the specific campaign you are interested in. After hitting "Generate Report," export this into a CSV file (use either full report or be sure to select "Referral Details" fields if using custom export).

Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, and filter that spreadsheet by Referral Name or Referral ID column. This will sort the entire report by individual fundraiser/peer, and allow you to see all the data in one area.