Add a Waiver to Entire Order/Campaign

In this section, you can apply a single Waiver to your entire order (you can also apply separate waivers to individual Engagement Tools in Advanced Settings within a campaign).

Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Order Settings > Waiver (Applied to Entire Order) and toggle the option to Yes. Once this option is toggled to Yes, you will be able to select your waiver from the drop-down menu. This menu pulls up the list of available waivers, which can be set up in the Waivers area of your Campaigns area.

If you don't see the waiver you want from the drop-down list, you can select Create New Waiver from the list and set up a new waiver. Saving this waiver will also save it for future use and editing in the Waivers section. (Waivers can't be edited from this area, so be sure to hit SAVE to save your desired changes before navigating away from this page. Then, go to the Waivers section to update your waiver. Any changes made there will automatically be reflected in any areas where the updated waiver is in use.)

The published version of the waiver entered in the example above will look like this:

It will require a typed signature, birth date, and for the person filing the waiver area out to confirm they are 18 years old or more.