Add Date, Time, and Location to an Event

The date, time, and location for your event are set in the Registration tool settings.

First, click on Edit This Campaign for the campaign where your event is set up, then go to Tool Settings and click on the purple box that says Manage Settings (Event/Registration).

This will take you to a list of all of the Registration Groups set up within the tool. Click on the pencil Edit icon next to the registration group you want to add the information to.

This will take you to the editing page for this registration group. If you scroll down past the Title and Thumbnail, you'll see an area to add Date, Time, and Location. Each can be toggled to "Show" or "Hide", and once toggled to "Show", you'll see options to edit that field.


You can set the Date to be ongoing, a single day, or a date range. After making this selection, pick the dates for each of the fields.


The time can be ongoing, a start time only, or a range of times. If you choose a range, be sure to also fill out the correct start and end times and the appropriate time zone.


In the address area, you can add the venue name as well as the full address of your event. If you add in the full address, a Google Map will automatically populate! 

Tip: if you prefer to keep the street address secret but still want a general Google Map, you can list something like "TBA" or "Private Address" in the first address field, and the Google Map will point to the general city and zip of the address.

Once adding these details, don't forget to hit Publish Registration Group at the top or bottom of the screen to save your changes!

The settings input into this area will be automatically added to the receipts and confirmations sent to your event registrants.