Add a Flipcause Button to Weebly

Once you have generated and copied the code for the campaign (or campaign menu) from the Integration Center in the Flipcause Dashboard, go to the Weebly Website Editor and navigate to the page where you want to install the button. Select the Embed Code element from the Builder Element menu on the left.

Click on the element, then drag and drop it where you want the button to be located. The blue line that appears is where the element will go.

Click inside the element box to edit the Custom HTML. Once you have clicked, paste the button code that you generated from the Integration Center.

After the code has been pasted into the Custom HTML box, click outside of the Custom HTML box for the button to appear.

Please note:

1. Custom code will not always display correctly on the editor of the site. Some buttons will appear cut off. This is normal!

2. You will need to make sure you choose the correct button alignment first from the Integration Center. Do not use the alignment toolbar on any custom code within Weebly. Alignment in custom code has to be hard-coded in, so you'll want to avoid applying additional settings into a custom code area.

3. To make sure your button works, don't forget to also add the Main Flipcause Integration Script to your website! This only has to be done once per website, click here to see how.