Add a Goal, Progress Meter, and Deadline

Add a Goal, Progress Meter, and Deadline 

  1. Go to CampaignsEdit this Campaign (choose a campaign)> Campaign SettingsGoal and End Date.
  2. Here you can enter your fundraising goal (use numbers only, no commas or $ or other symbols), an end date, and choose to display the amount raised, progress bar, and percentage raised. Be sure to hit Save before moving on. 
  3. Next, you must activate these elements in your Widget and/or Landing Page appearances.
    • For campaign widgets, click Widget Appearance > Goal, End Date & Supporters > ShowSave.
    • For Hosted campaigns click Landing Page AppearanceHomepage Elements & LayoutGoal, End Date & Progress Meter > Show > Save.

Note: Currently, the Progress Meter shows the total amount supporters paid, including any shipping and sales tax. If you would like to adjust your progress meter to exclude shipping and sales tax, follow the steps below.

Contribution Versus Supporter Count

Flipcause tracks both the number of contributions and supporters for your Campaign. You can choose which of these to display.

These appear as two options:

  1. Contribution Count - the number of transactions made for the campaign. 

  2. Supporter Count - the number of unique individuals who made a transaction to the campaign.

By default, your campaigns will show the Contribution Count. This reflects transactions, so if you have recurring donors, every subsequent instance of that recurring contribution will show as a new contribution and add to the tally on the front page.

If instead, you'd like the count to tally the individuals themselves, regardless of how many times that same individual has made a separate transaction, you can switch to show the Supporter Count


To display the Contribution or Supporter Count:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Activity > Activity Settings.

  2. Toggle Show Contribution or Supporter Count? to "Show".

  3. Choose to either show the contribution or the supporter count from the drop-down menu.

  4. Remember to hit Save!

Manually Adjust Progress Meter and Number of Supporters 

You have the ability to manually adjust the progress shown, both the amount raised and number of supporters. You can do so in the Activity tab in the Campaign Editor. 

Click Edit in either Make a Progress Adjustment or Adjust Number of Supporters and enter the amount you would like to adjust the progress meter and/or number of supporters and a description. Make sure to only use numbers for the amount and keep in mind that you can also enter a negative amount to adjust the meter the other way. Be sure to hit Save

Manage Manual Adjustments

By default, all manual adjustments you make will be displayed on the campaign page. Once you have made adjustments, you can manage those adjustments in the same Activity tab, using the toggles to show or hide each one.