Add Promo Codes

You can offer special prices and discounts by creating Promo Codes. You can set these promos up to apply to an entire order (all items in a transaction), or limit them to specific items/activities within the campaign.

To add discount codes:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign > Order Settings > Promo Codes.
  2. Toggle "Add Promo Codes" to Yes.
  3. Next you can choose to Apply this promo code to an entire order or limit it to individual items within an order. If you're applying your code to an entire order, skip the next two steps.
    • If you select individual items within an order, an overlay will pop up where you can choose which item(s) are eligible for discount with this Promo Code. Use the checkboxes to select the items you would like to apply your code to. 
    • Note: Only items that have already been set up and published in the campaign will show in this view, so be sure to set up all of your available items for purchase (including donation levels) before setting up individual promo codes.
  4. Hit Save.
  5. Next, enter your promo code title. 
    • Note: the Promo Code Title is itself also the promo code that needs to be entered verbatim in order to redeem it.
  6. Set your promo to be applied as a percentage discount or a set dollar amount discount. You can also limit the discount amount in case of a percentage, limit how many times the code can be redeemed, and set an expiration date for the promo. These are all optional. 
  7. You can also set up multiple promo codes, each with its own settings and eligible items. Click the Add New Promo Code toward the bottom of the section to add more.
  8. Don't forget to click Save when done!