Adding Donations to Sponsorships

We've made it easy for you to receive donations along with your sponsorships! Supporters can add donations on top of their selected sponsorships. And, you can give them the option to donate without having to sponsor.

You have these options available for your Sponsorship Campaigns:

Additional Donation

Enabling this option allows supporters to add donations on top of their selected sponsorship. There will be a section below the sponsorship options that asks, "Would you like to make an additional donation?" They can choose between four donation levels, or enter a custom amount.

To enable additional donations:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (select a campaign) > Manage Settings (Sponsorships) > Sponsorship Settings.

  2. Toggle Additional Donation to "Yes".

Demo Video: Enable Additional Donations


  • This feature allows supporters to make an additional donation on top of their selected sponsorship. They wouldn't be able to make donations without selecting a sponsorship. To do that, they would need to use the option "Donate with No Sponsorship."
  • Since this feature is an easy one-click set-up, the four donation levels are fixed. If you'd like to have customizable donation levels, we recommend turning it into a multi-tool campaign. You can combine Sponsorship with Donation/Payment.  

Donate With No Sponsorship

When you enable this option, supporters will be able to donate without selecting a sponsorship. It would show among the sponsorship options as, "No Sponsorship - I would just like to donate." This appears after a supporter clicks the Call-to-Action button, which by default says "Sponsor Us."

To enable donations with no sponsorships:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (select a campaign) > Manage Settings (Sponsorships) > Sponsorship Settings.

  2. Toggle Donate with No Sponsorship to "Yes". 

Demo Video: Enable Donations With No Sponsorships

You're all set! You've just learned how to receive donations along with your sponsorships. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your Success Team. We've got you covered!