Adding the Main Flipcause Code to a WordPress Site

The Main Flipcause Integration Code is what allows embedded campaigns and campaign menus to load on your website. It also enables floating and pop-up functionality to work for Flipcause buttons. It needs to be installed into the Header or Footer area of the website, which allows it to be available on every single page. If installed in this way, it only has to be installed once per website! The code by itself does not create any visible elements on your site, it works in the background to allow the popup and floating functionality to work for all the Flipcause buttons throughout your website.

You will see this code whenever you use the Code Generator in the Integration Center and choose either a floating button or a button that creates a popup. It will also appear when you use the Code Generator to embed campaigns or campaign menus on most websites. 

It will be the first code block listed, and it will always start with: "<!-- // Flipcause Integration Code v..... "

You can also grab this code directly from here.

To install the Main Integration Code on your WordPress site, you'll need to install and activate the Embed Code plugin for your website.

Once you activate that plugin, you can go to Settings > Embed Code in your WordPress Dashboard. Finally, just paste the Main Integration Code into the Head Code Box and hit Save Changes!

Your website will now be fully equipped to take advantage of all Flipcause has to offer!