Archive and Delete Custom Fields

Moving the Custom Field to “Archive” puts it in the Archive section and removes the field from your Reports. You can add the field back to the report by moving it to “Active.” From the Archive section, you can permanently delete a field - this deletes it forever and removes it from Reports.


To Archive Custom Fields, go to the Custom Fields section of your Dashboard and select the field you want to archive by clicking the box next to the Custom Field. Then click the Archive button.

To view your archived Custom Fields, click on the Archive section. From here, you can re-activate your custom fields or delete them forever.


To reactivate an archived custom field, select the field you want to reactivate by clicking the box next to the field. Then click the Save as Active button.


To delete a custom field, select the field you want to delete by clicking the box next to the field. Then click the Delete Forever button.

Note: Deleting a custom field means it will be forever deleted from the database, never to return. So, before you delete a custom field, be sure that you absolutely want to delete it because there is no turning back. We always recommend avoiding deleting anything altogether since it is generally always helpful to be able to either resurrect something or refer to it again. You also won't be able to pull reports off of this field once it is deleted.