Hosted Site Campaign Banners

You can add a campaign banner image to your hosted campaign. It's the first thing that your supporters will see when they reach your fundraising page!

The hosted site campaign banner is 1050 pixels wide by 262 pixels tall. You can edit this image (or choose to remove it) by going to Campaigns > Edit this Campaign > Hosted Site Appearance > Banner Image.

If you would like to remove the hosted campaign banner image, simply click the Remove Campaign Banner checkbox and click Save.

We recommend designing your banner graphic with 1050 x 262 dimensions from the start. But don't worry if the image you want to use is not those specific dimensions. You can upload an image of any size and then click the edit (pencil) icon to crop into the image.

Click and drag to select the portion of the image you'd like to use, then hit Confirm.

Here is what the hosted campaign banner looks like once published:

You can stylize your campaign title and include other information on your banners. You'll want to design the image with text in it before you upload the banner. Here are some examples:

If you don't have someone that can design a banner for you, don't worry. Your Success Team can create one for you as a standard part of your campaign creation.