Benefits of Integration Services


Integration Services is an exciting feature offered by Flipcause! The service helps Flicause’s partner organizations create connections between the Flipcause platform and these other software: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, MailerLite, and QuickBooks Online.


To save time! We want you to focus on your mission and not tasks like data entry. And Integration Services is another way that Flipcause helps support your organization with this.

Before Integration Services existed, the data in the Flipcause platform could only be added to another software by exporting Flipcause reports and then importing them into the other software or manually entering the data into the software.

Does your organization want contact data to be added to your email marketing software automatically? Integration Services can help with that.

Does your organization want QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts to be created for donations and other Flicpause campaign activity automatically? Integration Services can help with that.

To learn more, check out the Integration Service Help Center Article.