Campaign Sites: Landing Pages, Widgets, and Menus

Campaign Landing Page

Each of your Flipcause Campaigns comes as a fully-featured campaign site that is hosted externally (meaning it's hosted on, as opposed to on your website).

Here’s a good example of a basic fundraising campaign Landing Page. 

(this was formerly called "Hosted Site")

Embeddable Campaign Widget

You can also use the Widget instead of the full campaign site, which is offers a condensed version that focuses just on the call-to-action. Just like you can embed a YouTube video on your webpage (instead of directing people to the page where that video is actually hosted), you can use the Campaign Widget in your website - embedded directly or as a popup window that opens from a button. 

Here's an example of the same campaign as above, but as the widget directly embedded onto the nonprofit's website.

(this was formerly called "Integrated Campaign")

You'll be able to configure the look and feel separately for each of these within the Campaign Editor.

Learn more about when to use a campaign widget vs. a landing page.

Campaign Menus

A campaign menu is a way you can link multiple campaigns into one area. Campaign Menus have the same display options as individual campaigns: you can use the landing page for the full site, or just the widget version of your campaign menu.

Here's an example of the same campaign from above added to a campaign menu as a landing page and as a widget.

Learn more about Campaign Menus and how to create and edit them.