Campaign-Specific Reporting

You can access reports for a particular campaign directly from the Campaign Editor in your Flipcause Dashboard by going to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Campaign Reporting.

From the dropdown, pick your desired report type:

  • Transaction & Activity
  • People: Subscriber (recurring donors, only shows if active in that campaign)
  • People: Peer-to-Peer (fundraisers and teams, only shows if active in that campaign)

Once you choose your type of reporting, you'll be able to customize your filters. Please note that the "Campaign Title" filter is required and locked to the campaign in which you accessed the report. (To access a different campaign report, go back to Campaigns and pick it, or go to the main Reports section, where all campaigns are available.)

In Transaction & Activity Reports, Transaction Date is also a required filter, but you have several options on how to pick your desired date range(s).

The ability to run campaign-specific reports directly from the Campaign Editor means that as a super-admin, you can grant sub-admins access to only their campaigns, and they can still run their own reports without needing access to the global Reports area of your Flipcause account.