The Campaign is not allowing us to upload a new thumbnail/image!

Here are some of the key points that you need to consider in uploading the thumbnail (logo or banner) in your campaign:

  • Make sure to follow the required image resolutions for the thumbnail, logo, and banners:
    - Thumbnails should be 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.
    - The ideal aspect ratio for the height x length of the logo should be 1x3, and at least 100 pixels by 300 pixels in resolution.
    - The hosted site campaign banner is 1050 pixels wide by 262 pixels tall.
    - The integrated campaign banner is 1050 pixels wide by 175 pixels tall
  • If the image resolution that you have is correct and you are still having issues, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can do to resolve the issue:
    -  Check the file size of the image. If the file size of image that you have created is more than 1MB, we recommend converting it into a smaller file size. You can also send it to us so we can do it for you.
    - Check the file name of the image. Please make sure to not include any special characters in your file name to avoid any errors in uploading your image. Examples of special characters are : [!        "        #        $        %        &        '        (        )        *        +        ,        -        .        :]
    - You can also change the file name of the image before re-uploading it or clear the cache in your browser.  Sometimes, the cache in your browser stores the file name of the image, and if you are re-uploading the same image, the cache considers it as the same file so it will not appear.