Campaign Types: Integrated, Hosted Sites, and Menus

Integrated vs. Hosted Campaign Site

On Flipcause, you have two versions available for each campaign you create: an Integrated version and the Hosted Campaign Site version. Before you begin on a campaign, it's always good to consider which version (if not both) you plan to use. 

The Integrated Campaign is a condensed version of your campaign that focuses just on the call-to-action. It is meant to serve as an integrated part of your webpage and lives there either as an embedded area or as a popup that is activated by the click of a button. This version is ideal for your general donations page, volunteers page, or an online store page, among others. 

The Hosted Campaign Site is a full-featured fundraising page that is hosted on Flipcause. Unlike the Integrated Campaign, it is designed to lay out all of your campaign details onto a single page that is not a native part of your website. This version is what you'll want to use for Peer-to-Peer campaigns and is generally what you'd want to use for any campaign in which you have more than one tool activated. It's great for big fundraising events like galas and crowdfunding campaigns. This version is also much more customizable than the Integrated version and allows full rearrangement of elements as well as background images. 

Now that you have chosen which version to use your campaign in, you will need to focus only on customizing one of the two Appearance tabs you'll find in your Campaign Editor: you'll typically only use either the Integrated Appearance or the Hosted Site Appearance tab, since the two different versions have different look and feel options available. 

You'll also want to pay attention to which campaign type you're interested in once you're ready to promote the campaign - in the Integration Center, the options are divided by campaign type as well. 

Please note: If you have the Shopping Cart activated for a campaign, the cart items and timer countdown do display on both hosted and integrated versions of the same campaign.

Campaign Menus

A campaign menu is a way you can link multiple campaigns into one area. Typically, each campaign has to have its own button linking to it or its own URL. A campaign menu will allow you to have a button or a single URL that, once followed, will take your audience to a list of the campaigns which you have added to that menu. For instance, if you have ongoing events and programs that need to be in separate campaigns, you can keep them separate but also have a single area where all related campaigns can be located. A common example of this is the Support Us campaign menu, which can be used as a floating button on every page of your website that, when clicked, opens the menu with the main ways supporters can engage with your organization. 

Campaign menus can exist in both Integrated and Hosted Site versions as well. The way the menu appears depends on which option you choose in the Integration Center for adding the campaign menu. All campaigns accessed through the campaign menu will follow the same version as the one the menu was integrated as. For instance, in the example of a floating Support Us button that opens up a pop-up to the campaign menu, since we are viewing these campaigns in the popup, they will each open in a pop-up as well, and the Integrated version will be shown for each of those campaigns.