Change Super Admin

The Super Administrator is the main account holder for your Flipcause Account. 

The Super Admin is listed first in the Manage Admins area and their profile cannot be edited from the Manage Admin area. 

To change the Super Administrator name, email, or login username, you must be logged into the Super Admin account and go to Settings > Profile and Login Settings > Super Admin Profile and update the information. (Note: if you are updating the Super Admin to someone who is already a sub-admin on the account, you will first need to delete the sub-admin account in the Manage Admins area). 

This is the information that is used as the login for Flipcause, and will, by default, receive notifications for all new campaigns.

Be sure to click Save when finished. 

In this section, you can also change the password for the Super Administrator, and set up Two-Factor Authentication for added security.