Check-In/Check-Out Volunteers or Event Registrants via Activity Details

In addition to being able to check-in volunteers or check-in event registrants via the Flipcause LIVE App, you can also check them in from their Activity Details from within the Flipcause Dashboard.

Check-In/Check-Out a Volunteer or Event Registrant from Activity Details

1. Navigate to a volunteer or event registrant's Contact Profile via the Activity Tracker or by pulling a report of the volunteer/registration activity from your campaign.

  • 1a) To find someone's Contact Profile by searching their name in the Activity Tracker, go to Activity Tracker > type their full name in the Search bar > click Search > click View Profile.

  • 1b) To find everyone that registered to your campaign as a volunteer or event registrant by pulling a report, go to Activity Tracker > Contact Reporting > Select Filter "Volunteered in this campaign" or "Registered in this campaign" > Select Parameter "Is" > Select Value "[Campaign Title]" > Click Generate Report. Scroll to the bottom and click on the profile of the contact you want to check in.

2. Scroll down and click on their Activity History. Click on the matching volunteer or event registration activity for the campaign. This will pull up the volunteer/event registrant details.

3. Click Check In. Enter the date and time and click Check In.

4. To check out a volunteer or event registrant, repeat steps 1-2. Click Check Out > Enter the date and time, and click Check Out.