Activity Tracker vs. Transactional Database

Because Flipcause is your payment processor, much like your bank or PayPal account, it also serves as your transactional database, where information is recorded per transaction, and each transaction is a line item. This is helpful for financial and campaign performance tracking.

However, for donor management and stewardship, you may want to look at the same set of information not per transaction but per contact or family or group. This is when you might want to use the Flipcause Activity Tracker. For example, if Susan Smith volunteers in March, buys a $30 ticket in May, and donates $100 in December, in the transactional database view, you’ll see 3 separate transactions that aren’t linked together. But in Susan’s Contact view, you’ll see all of her activities rolled up to let you know exactly what activities she’s participated in and her total contribution for the year and lifetime.

In your Reports section, you can pull reports on either Transactions (& Activities) or on People (Peers, Recurring Donors, Contacts). These will allow you to view the same information in different ways.