Contact Tags

You can add any custom Tags to your Contacts and Groups to provide more information on which to sort and filter your database.

You can create a tag from the Tag Manager area by clicking Add New Tag.

Once created, you'll be able to add tags from the Tags area of your Contact and Group Profiles or Mass Tag multiple contacts/groups.

To add a Tag to an individual contact/group from their Contact/Group record:

  1. Go to Activity Tracker > View Profile of the person > Tags > click Add.
  2. Search for the tag you would like to add. You can begin typing the tag name or scroll through the list.
  3. Click on the Tag(s) you would like to add to the contact/group, then click Assign.

Some tag ideas:

  • Major Donor
  • Board Member
  • Sponsor

You will be able to filter your Contact reports using these tags.