Create a Custom Field

To create a custom field: 

  1. Go to Custom Fields > Create New Custom Field.
  2. Enter a unique Field Title this title will appear in your reports.
    • Field Titles have a 25-character limit and cannot be the same as an already existing custom field.
    • Note: once you save the Custom Field, Field Title will no longer be editable.
  3. Enter the Display Prompt, this is how it will appear to your supporters during the transaction.
    • You can make the field required or optional.
  4. Next, choose the input type:
    • Short Answer and Long Answer will present your supporters with a text box where they can type in a response.
    • Multiple Choice allows you to have a drop-down menu list of responses, or you can allow your supporters to select multiple answers in the form of checkboxes.
      • NOTE: multiple choice options are limited to 150.
    • If you require a file to be uploaded, such as a permission form, you can use the File Upload input type to collect that.
    • Note: once you save the Custom Field, Input Typwill no longer be editable.
  5. Then click Save Custom Field.

Once your custom fields are created, you will be able to add them to an order (supporters will be prompted to answer the custom field regardless of how they engage with your campaign) or, if you have the cart setting enabled, you can add your custom field within advanced settings to be displayed when a supporter adds that specific engagement to their cart.