Create a Volunteer List for Your Event

First, you will need to filter your report to get the information you want: 

  1. Go to the campaign editor for the event campaign you would like to pull a guest list for, then click: 
    • Campaign Reporting > Transaction and Activity Reporting
  2. Choose Report Type = Volunteers
  3. Set the Date filter (we suggest setting the Parameter to "Is before" and Value: to today's date)
  4. Optional: to refine by Volunteer Position add the following filter: 
    •  Filter: Volunteer Position name
    • Parameter: Is
    • Value: [insert name of volunteer position] 
  5. Optional: to filter out any canceled volunteers by adding the following filter: 
    • Filter: Volunteer Status 
    • Parameter: Is 
    • Value: Completed 
  6. Hit Generate Report

Now you will want to drill down the data and get the data points you need for your event: 

  1. Click Custom Report (A popup overlay will appear to allow you to pick the fields you want in your report).
  2.  At a minimum, your list needs to contain the full name of each person, and either their email or phone number. To get this information, go to Participant Details: select Participant First Name, Participant Last Name, and Participant Email.
  3. Select any other data points you would like to gather. (See this article for information about Custom Field reporting)
  4. Select Send me the report via email, enter your email, and click Get Report.
  5. You will be emailed a link to download your generated CSV file with the volunteer list.
  6. You can save and print this file, or bring it with you on your computer or tablet you'll be using at the event.*

*Also check out our Mobile App for volunteer check-ins