Create a Guest List for Your Event

First you will need to filter your report to get the information you want: 

  • Go to the campaign editor for the event campaign you would like to pull a guest list for, then click 
    • Campaign Reporting > Transaction and Activity Reporting
  • Choose Report Type =  Registrations 
  •  Set the Date filter (we suggest setting the Parameter to "Is before" and Value: to "Today")
  • Optional: refine by Registration Group add the following filter: 
    • Filter: Registrant Group Name
    • Parameter: Is
    • Value: [insert name of registration group] 
  • Optional:  filter out any canceled registration by add the following filter: 
    • Filter: Registration Status 
    • Parameter: Is 
    • Value: Completed 
  • Hit Generate Report

Now you will want to drill down the data and get the data points you need for your event: 

  • Click Custom Report (A popup overlay will appear to allow you to pick the fields you want in your report.)
  •  At a minimum, your list needs to contain the full name of each person, and either their email or phone number. To get this information, go to Participant Details: select Participant First Name, Participant Last Name, and Participant Email

  • You will be emailed a link to download your generated CSV file with the guest list.
  • You can save and print this file, or bring it with you on your computer or tablet you'll be using at the event.*

*Also check out our Mobile App for mobile registration check-ins