Flipcause Default Reporting Fields

Below are links to three documents containing all default reporting fields on the Flipcause platform.

Click a report category link below to view a spreadsheet of all reports within that category. Each main spreadsheet contains sub-sheets for each reporting type on Flipcause. All fields within that report are listed on each sub-sheet.

  1. People Report Fields can be found here. 

    People Reports include:

    • Contact Report (Activity Tracker)

    • Group Report (Activity Tracker)

    • Subscriber (Recurring Donor) Report

    • Peer Report (Peer to Peer Fundraisers)

    • Team Report (Peer to Peer Teams)

  2. Activity Report Fields can be found here. 

    Activity Reports include:

    • Donation Report

    • Registration Report

    • Volunteer Report

    • Sponsorship Report

    • Online Store Report

    • Mailing List Report

  3. Transaction Report Fields can be found here. 

    Transaction Reports include:

    • Transaction Report

    • Account Balance (Funds) Report 

    • Refunds Report

Legal Stuff

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Last Updated: May 21, 2018