Donations & Payments Overview

With the Flipcause Donations and Payments engagement tool, your organization can easily process one-time and recurring donations. To create a new online store campaign, here's what you should do:

  1. Open Flipcause Dashboard > Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Donation/Payment.
  2. Enter your campaign title, thumbnail, and other details.
    • Note: You can go back and edit these later on if you want to change something.
  3. Click Publish Campaign.
  4. Once you publish your campaign, you should see it under Active Campaigns. Click on Edit This Campaign to open the editor of your campaign.
  5. Click Manage Settings to open the Donations Settings.


Inside this section, you'll be able to customize all of your donation platform settings. You can activate or deactivate any certain level of donation platform. These include:

  • One-Time Donations
  • Monthly Donations
  • Quarterly Donations
  • Annual Donations

In addition, you can add tribute donations by sliding the toggle to Yes. These are "In Memory Of" gifts that can be added to your donation platforms. You also have the option to customize your call-to-action button as well as the donation descriptor.

Thank You Page Options

At the end of your supporter's transaction after making a donation to one of your campaigns, they will be prompted with a Thank You screen. You can customize the message that appears on this screen by updating the message and turning social media sharing on or off.


When you scroll down to the donation settings page, you'll see that you can customize your One-Time, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Recurring Donations/Payments. From here, you can change their tax-deductible statuses and their percentage amount, as well as open a custom donation amount field.

You can also edit the amounts of the preset donation levels here, alongside their titles and description. If you want to add more donation levels, simply click +Add Level.

As always, your Success Team is here for you every step of the way! Get support by sending us an email.