How do I email my supporters?

There are two paths: The Correct Way and The Quick Way.

The Correct Way

Flipcause allows you to collect signups to your mailing list, and is designed to work with third party emailing services such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others. In the future, we'll have the option to automatically sync your mailing list subscribers directly to your existing mailing list on one of these external services. In the meantime, it's still very easy to pull a report of everyone that signed up to your mailing list on Flipcause, and add those contacts to your list. Here's how:

Log into your Flipcause Dashboard, go to Reports, and pull a report of everyone that signed up for your mailing list. (Reports > Transactions > Choose Date range > Choose Report Type = Mailing List signups > All campaigns > Generate Report). This will create a report of everyone that signed up within the chosen date range, and you can export this to a CSV file using the Custom Export button. If you need any help with this, let us know!

Once you have this CSV file, you are ready to import it into your mailing list. For instructions to import into Mailchimp, click here. For importing using Constant Contact, click here.

If you do not yet have an email list set up, we recommend signing up for a free account with Mailchimp - it's completely free for the first 2000 subscribers, and non-profits receive an additional discount once the list grows beyond 2000. 

The Quick Way

There is a quick way to email your supporters from Flipcause, although it is on a campaign basis, rather than your entire supporter list. If you want to email everyone that participated in a specific campaign, you can send a message to those supporters directly from the Campaign Editor. To do so, in the Flipcause Dashboard, go to Campaigns > Edit this campaign > Updates > Add New Update > enter the message and toggle to Yes the option to "Email this update to your supporters when publish" > Hit Publish. This will email everyone that participated in the campaign.

Keep in mind - your supporters already automatically receive emailed thank you letters for donations, event registrations, volunteer signups, mailing list signup confirmations, and all other activity - so you don't have to worry about sending those confirmation messages manually!