Getting Ready for a Seamless End-of-Year Event

If you're hosting an event fundraiser this year, whether traditional or digital–we've got you covered!

Whether you're looking for how to maximize your Flipcause tools & services for your event, ideas and tips for virtual event fundraisers, or want to see examples of what other nonprofits are doing, we're here to help.

How Flipcause Can Help

We know events can feel stressful, so we hope to make it a little easier! Here are best practices to consider when setting up your fundraiser, and how you can leverage Flipcause to the fullest to make that happen:

TIP 1: Combine multiple ways to support

Year-end fundraising events, such as galas, are meant to celebrate your hard work and impact this year and thank your donors and sponsors. 

As everyone rallies around your collective impact and gets inspired about the difference they can make, it’s helpful to offer multiple ways of support – whether through ticket sales, donations, sponsorship, volunteering, or a combination of the above. You can even add peer-to-peer - but try to stick to no more than three calls to action! Remember, the more buttons you add, the higher the likelihood someone will choose nothing at all.

You can also turn Cart On to allow supporters to combine multiple ways of supporting into a single transaction (such as buying tickets and merchandise together). The multi-faceted approach to fundraising allows your fundraising to take place before and during the event with different appeals and even bidding competitions.

TIP 2: White-label your campaign URLs for a fully branded experience

White-label your campaign URLs or use custom subdomains so your donors know it’s your organization! Here’s what a custom subdomain looks like on Flipcause:

TIP 3: Use Flipcause LIVE mobile app & card readers for on-site

Don’t forget to bring card readers and devices to your event for checking in event attendees and volunteers, and of course, processing donations and payments at the event itself!

The Flipcause LIVE Mobile App and Card Reader are available to help make your life easier on the day of your event.

Before using the Flipcause LIVE Mobile App, make sure you review our Event Checklist and read through the Getting Started Guide.

During your event, you can use the Flipcause LIVE mobile app to:

Download the Flipcause LIVE App on iOS and order your card reader today!

TIP 4: Lean on your Success Team!

Can we help you build your campaign? We have templates to get you started or tell us what you'd like. Get in touch with your Success Team and they'll be happy to take care of the setup for you!

TIP 5: Use Our Exceptional Text-to-Give Feature!

We understand how important it is to have payment functionality for in-person and live events. That's why we recommend using our text-to-give feature to assist and provide a hands-off opportunity for your supporters to engage with your organization. This feature is free with your Flipcause subscription, and many organizations have found much success in using this in replacement of card reader transactions!

If you want to learn more about our text-to-give feature, feel free to reach out to us, or you can also take a look here.

End-of-Year Event Fundraising Guide

Going Virtual? Yes, you can! Read more on our blog about how you can turn your events virtual, what tools to use, what to keep in mind, and some real-world examples of those who have done so successfully. We also have further reading and resources for virtual events if you need more support!

Check out our End-of-Year Event Fundraising in 2021 guide for more tips, ideas, and resources.