Engagement Tools

Your campaign is where your supporters can take an action on your appeal. We refer to these "calls-to-action" as engagements, or engagement tools. The engagement tools currently available on Flipcause are:
• Donation Appeal (donations, recurring donations, payments, subscriptions)
• Registration (free or paid events, classes, programs, paid applications, etc.)
• Volunteer (volunteer interest forms, volunteer position & shift signups)
• Peer-to-Peer (crowdfunding, competitions, 5Ks, runs, walks, races)
• Online Store (sell merchandise & items)
• Sponsorship (sponsorship packages, rewards)

The reason you see so many options listed for each, is that the language and call-to-action button for each of these is completely customizable to allow you to tailor these tools to your specific needs.

We also have more engagement tools still in development, such as Text-to-Give and Auctions.