Registration Assignments

If you want to have assigned seatings or assigned placements within your events, you can use the Registration Assignments feature. We built this feature to be flexible for various event types. For example, you might need to auto-assign numbers to people in the order in which they purchased tickets.


  • Set up different assignments per Registration Type.
  • Auto-assign based on the order of purchase.
  • Change where the numbering starts. By default, it starts at 1, but if you need to start at a different number, you can start it there. 
  • Add a suffix or prefix. These can be used to help differentiate registration groups. (For example, if you have an adult group and child group, you can use "A" for an adult group and "C" for a child group.)


You can add Registration Assignments within the Registration Type settings. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Manage Settings (Event/Registration) > Registration Groups > [Registration Group Name] > [Registration Type Name] > toggle Registration Assignments to "On".

First, decide what kind of event you'll be having. The seats or bib numbers will then be assigned automatically to participants, whether it's for a marathon event or a concert. 

  1. If you have a race/walk/run event and you want to assign bib numbers within Flipcause, you can select the auto-assign option, and bib numbers will be assigned automatically in sequential order.
  2. If you have a concert or gala, you can upload an image of your seating chart or venue map for reference (note: seating assignments are not interactive—this is a visual reference only).


  1. Toggle Registration Assignments to "On".
  2. Name your "Registration Assignment" (e.g. "Adult Bibs", "General Admission").
  3. Enter a number that the Assignment IDs will start on. You can also enter an optional prefix or suffix to differentiate a Registration Type.
  4. When "Auto assign in order" is selected, assignments will be made automatically in sequential order (e.g., general admission tickets, bib number assignment).
  5. Repeat the steps above for each Registration Type.