Using the Donate Button on Facebook

When you share your campaigns on Facebook, Facebook will encourage you to create a "Donate" button to receive donations directly through Facebook. Until early 2019, nonprofits were able to link this Donate button to an external website. Facebook, however, has since changed their policy, and all Donate buttons on Facebook pages must now use Facebook's built-in tools. 

What does this mean for your nonprofit? 

Your nonprofit can choose to receive donations using Facebook's built-in donations tools. However, there are major limitations you should be aware of: 

  • The biggest limitation is that your organization will receive donor information ONLY from donors who opt to receive your organization's emails, and in some cases (if you are not enrolled in Facebook Payments), no donor information is available at all. This means you are not able to follow up and thank your donors or even know who they are. This is a big limitation that should not be taken lightly. 
  • Payout schedules are based on Facebook's timelines - not yours. Facebook has their own schedule for when you can request your funds, along with limits on how much you need to raise before you can request a payout. If they're processed through Network For Good, for example, it can take up to 75 days to receive the funds after the donation.
  • Donations made on Facebook are NOT linked to your Flipcause campaigns or Activity Tracker. 


When you are sharing a campaign on your Facebook page, be sure to share the link to the actual campaign rather than using Facebook's native Donate button. This will ensure all donations are tracked in your campaign and you are able to collect your donor's valuable information. 

If your nonprofit would still like to receive donations directly using Facebook's tools, we recommend you sign up for Facebook Payments for quicker payouts and better reporting. Nonprofits not enrolled with Facebook Payments can still receive donations through Facebook. However, these funds will be distributed through Facebook's donor-advised funds. Read here for more information on how donations made on Facebook are distributed to nonprofits.

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