Failed and Declined Payments

There are four reasons that your supporter's payment might fail.
Here's what they are and what to do about them:

1. Invalid entry

What happens: Credit card information (credit card number, security code, expiration date) is incorrect. The supporter will see a message letting them know which part needs to be corrected.

Solution: The supporter should review the entered information, correct any typos, and try again.

2. Card declined

What happens: A card can be declined by the issuing bank due to insufficient funds, expired cards, due to security placed by the bank on the account holder's card, or when the attempted card is no longer valid because the associated account has been closed. The supporter will see a message that their card was declined.

Solution: The supporter can try a different card or call the bank that issued their card to lift any restrictions and try again.

3. Blocked by your security settings

What happens: This is rare and only applies if you specifically set blocks on specific countries in your Flipcause account. If a supporter's transaction meets the rules you set to block them from the system, they will get a message that says, "Payment Failure: Contact the organization to complete the payment".

Solution: The supporter should contact your organization directly to make the payment. Or, you can update your security settings (we recommend checking with your staff and any internal cybersecurity protocols before doing this). 

4. Blocked by Flipcause security filters

What happens: Nonprofit donation pages are targets for fraudulent credit card charge attempts, and these can end up costing a fortune when these charges are disputed. Our proprietary system blocks 99% of these attempts from going through. Occasionally, a legitimate transaction is flagged by our security filters. 

Solution: Your supporter should try again using a different card. If there are persistent issues or you suspect there is an error, please don't hesitate to contact us!