Donations & Payments


Is it possible to make the zip code optional when someone is making a donation?
Zip codes will always be required for transactions through Flipcause. (We do accept international zip codes as well.) If you are hearing messages from supporters who do not have a zip code, I would ask them to get in touch with their bank to see if ...
Does Flipcause have tribute donation? / Can a donor make their donation as a gift in someone’s name?
We have a built-in feature called Tribute Donation that will add the option for a donor to donate In Honor of, Celebration, or In Memory of another participant. Follow the steps below to enable Tribute Donation: Login to your Flipcause Dashboa...
Will recurring donations continue even if we archive the campaign?
A recurring donation will only be terminated if a) the supporter (or yourself) cancels it or b) the card is declined or expired and does not get updated. For that reason, you can go ahead and archive the campaign without worry.