How does emailing work with Flipcause?

Your community engagement system is made up of a continuous cycle of two components: incoming activity and outgoing activity.

Your incoming activity refers to actions your supporters take, such as payments and donations, volunteer signups, registrations, mailing list opt-ins, etc. These are all handled and facilitated by Flipcause, which in turn stores that information for you in its database, allowing you to utilize that data to run your outgoing activity.

Your outgoing activity refers to communication your organization makes, such as emailing supporters, social media posts and conversations, phone calls, direct mailers, etc. These can be handled and facilitated by platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Facebook, etc. If this outgoing communication asks your supporters to take any action, it can include a call-to-action that funnels them back through Flipcause using the engagement tool for that particular task.

These two pieces work together in a constant flow. You receive information via Flipcause and can then pull reports, in order to use those lists and segments in order to do your outreach - whether via social media, email, or otherwise.

Learn more about how to use Flipcause to email your supporters here.