Gallery Overview

Flipcause has a Gallery feature, which allows you to add photos and videos to your campaigns.

To add/edit Campaign Gallery photos and videos:

  • Click Campaigns > Edit this Campaign. Then select the Gallery tab at the top:

  • Here, you can click into each section to Add New Photos, Edit Photos, Add New Video, or Edit Videos. 
  • Hit Save when you're done.

The next step after loading your media into the Gallery is to configure the Hosted or Integrated Appearance to display your photos/videos.

Display the Gallery in a Hosted Campaign:

  • Navigate to the Hosted Site Appearance tab at the top of the page.
  • Click to edit the Homepage Elements & Layouts section:

  • Scroll to find the "Gallery" option and toggle it to "Show":

  • At this point, you can also use the arrows on the lefthand side to change the placement of the Gallery. Click and drag to change the order in which it appears on the campaign page.
  • Hit Save when you're done.

Display the Gallery in an Integrated Campaign:

  • Navigate to the Integrated Appearance tab at the top of the page.
  • Click to edit the Additional Pages section:

  • Scroll down and toggle the "Gallery Page" to "Show:"

  • Don't forget to hit Save when you're done!