Get a link to your campaign

You can find the link to any campaign (or campaign menu) you've created by going to the Integration Center. 

  1. Go to the Integration Center, then click Campaign.
  2. Select your campaign, then scroll down to the URLs section and click the box to see your campaign URLs.
  3. Both the Widget and Landing Page URLs are available If you're unsure which of the two URLs to use, you can copy and paste each one into your browser and see which one you would prefer.

Create a Campaign URL Using Your Custom Domain

You have the option to use a custom domain to remove "" from your URL. To use a custom domain: 

You can also get the link to the Campaign Landing Page from the Campaign Editor. You can click the View Landing Page at the top in the Campaign Editor, and this will open up a new browser window or tab, and the URL you see there is a direct link to this campaign site that you can share with your supporters.