How do I report the accurate amount of the donation received as well as the expense of the processing fees?

It's recommended that the Flipcause Account Balance be considered an account belonging to the organization. In every transaction, we display the gross transaction amount, fees paid by the organization, and the net received amount. These calculations are made in real time, and details outlining these amounts for each transaction can be exported from the "Funds" tab. The net received amount per transaction is the net revenue generated (gross - fees paid), added together constitute the Flipcause Account Balance. Many organizations consider a transfer from their Flipcause Account to their normal operating account as a bank-to-bank transfer. 

When exported, in the reporting it's broken down as follows:

  • Total Transaction Amount (Gross)
  • Fee Paid by Organization (Fees Paid)
  • Received in Flipcause Gateway (Net Revenue)

They are also reconciling individual Flipcause transactions in their books.