Why haven't I received my funds in my bank account?

Your security is our highest priority. After adding your information to the Bank Accounts section of the Flipcause Dashboard, Flipcause will make two small deposits into your account for verification purposes. This may take up to two business days.

Once you receive these deposits, retrieve them and click "Verify Account" on the account in question and enter the amounts into the fields provided in the Bank Accounts section. Once you have verified your deposits, you will need to submit an image showing the bank account belongs to your organization. 

Haven't Received the Deposits?

There are several reasons why the deposits may not have hit your account:

  • The most common reason is that the bank account or routing number may be incorrect. In this instance, you'll need to delete the incorrect bank account on file in the Bank Accounts section by clicking the "X" on the top right corner of the account in question. Please re-enter the correct bank account information, and the process will begin again.
  • This also applies if you have designated the incorrect Account Type, e.g. Checking or Savings.
  • Some banks may not accept ACH transfers. In this instance, you have entered the correct bank information, but the bank cancels the transaction.

What to do? 

If you still run into any issues regarding the deposits and verification, please contact your Success Manager via email.