Information Collection Settings

For every engagement on your Flipcause Campaigns, you'll be collecting and storing information from your supporters into your Flipcause Database. At the bare minimum, an email address and a first name will always be required, but there are many more types of data (fields) that you can collect from your supporters in a campaign. You can change these settings under Information Collection Settings.

Preset Information Collection Setting 

You can preset what fields you would like to collect on all of your campaigns in Campaign Presets. (Note: changes made in campaign presets will not affect any existing campaigns, they will only be put into effect for campaigns made in the future).

  • Go to Campaigns > Campaign Presets > Preset Information Collection Settings.
  • In this section, you can 
    • Choose whether to tailor the form to Businesses or Individuals (or both). This is helpful if your campaign is geared towards sponsors or other businesses, where the supporter is primarily a business or organization, rather than a single individual. By toggling this setting to Both, you allow your supporter to choose whether the contribution is recorded as a personal one or on behalf of an organization.
  • You can also choose whether to collect:

    • Business Name
    • Middle Name
    •  Last Name
    • Title & Suffix 
    • Phone Number 
    • Mailing Address 
    • Support Message - give supporters the option to leave a public message of support 
    • Make this activity anonymous - give supporters the option to hide their name & amount from your activity feed
    • Mailing List Option - give supporters the option to join your organization's mailing list 
  • All settings set to OPTIONAL or REQUIRED will appear on the information collection forms.

These settings can also be changed per campaign. To change these settings in an individual campaign, follow the instructions below: 

Change Information Collection Setting Per Campaign

  • Go to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Order Settings > Information Collection Settings.
  • The settings from Preset Information Collection Setting will be transferred to this section. The changes you make in this section will only affect this specific campaign. 
  • The Information Collection Settings section covers the standard information you'd like to collect. If you'd like to ask anything else from your supporters, such as dietary preferences, shirt sizes, or anything else at all, you can create and insert Custom Fields into your campaign.