Insert Image Into Campaign Description

On the Campaigns page of your Flipcause Dashboard, click on Edit This Campaign for the campaign you'd like to add the image to.

Go to the Campaign Settings tab at the top and open the Title & About section. Click in the large text box area to edit, then click on the picture icon to add an image:

This will open a pop-up with two options: select an image stored on your computer or paste in the URL of the image (image file extensions that are supported: .jpg, .png, .gif). Once you have your selection, click Insert Image.

This will add in your image and automatically left-align it. You can expand the editing area to view the whole image using the drag toggle at the bottom.

To align the image to the center or right, you can click on the image once to select it, then pick the alignment option from the top toolbar and select Align Center or Align Right.

Make sure to click Save at the bottom of this area before moving on!