Install the Main Flipcause Integration Code

What is the Flipcause Integration Code?

For you to be able to have your Flipcause calls-to-actions, engagement tools, and campaigns integrated into your website, you will need to install the main Flipcause code into your website.

This main code is called the Flipcause Integration Code and is a snippet of JavaScript code that should be pasted into the header (or footer) area of your website. It's the code that allows your floating buttons, popups, and embedded Flipcause campaigns to work on your website. 

Once you have this installed in the header or footer of your website, it should become available on every single page of your website. For this reason, it only needs to be installed once on your site.

The code by itself does not create any visible elements on your site; it works in the background to allow the popup, floating, and embed functionality to work for all the Flipcause "widgets" throughout your website.

Installing this code on your website is the first step to getting your campaigns fully integrated.

How to find and install the Flipcause Integration Code

Go to Integration Center > choose Campaign or Campaign Menu > Select Integration Type > Generate Code. A pop-up window will appear. It will be the first code block listed, and it always starts with "<!-- // Flipcause Integration Code v..... "

(You can also grab this code directly from here.)

Once you've selected the code and copied it to your clipboard, you'll want to paste it into your website's Header below the <head> tag. It can also be added in the Footer below the <footer> tag, but the header area is best.

Where you find the header or footer code depends on your website platform/provider.

If you're on a different platform, it is usually the same place where you would add your Google Analytics code and tends to be located in your website's settings, advanced settings, SEO area, or widget areas. Check with your web developer or help documentation for your website platform if you're not sure. (And if you are using a Wix, GoDaddy, or other websites that do not support the embedding of JavaScript, you do not need to install the Main Flipcause Code.)

Copy & Paste the code into the Header Code section; if there is already something in that section, feel free to paste it either right above it or right below. Be sure to save the update before navigating away. Your website will now be fully equipped to take advantage of all Flipcause has to offer!

Click for specific instructions on how to Install the Main Flipcause Code on Weebly or Add the Main Flipcause Code to your Wordpress Site.

Note: If you need to update your Flipcause Integration Code (the last one we released was on May 18, 2018), you'll need to delete the old code before you paste the new one in. 

Select everything from <!--Flipcause Integration v3.0// Flipcause Integration Instructions: Install the following code block once in the website Header (after <head> tag) --> to <!--END Flipcause Main Integration Code--> and hit delete to ready your website for the new installation.