Integration Center Overview

Your Integration Center is where you can generate code to integrate your Flipcause campaigns with your website, blog, and social media accounts. You can choose Campaign or Campaign Menu depending on what kind of integration code you want to generate. After choosing one, it will provide you with a list of active or ongoing campaigns.

Choose the campaign you want to highlight, and you'll see the Integration Type section. This will give you various ways of integrating your campaign into your website. This can be achieved either through:

  • A Floating Button
  • Pop-Up Integration From a Standard Button
  • Direct Embed of the Integrated Campaign on the Webpage

Additionally, you can utilize the campaign sites for any of your campaigns and apply redirections to the website. This will direct your supporters to the campaign page of your choice. It can be through:

  • A Floating Button
  • A Standard Button
  • A Campaign Thumbnail

After selecting your option, it will take you to the customization area, where you can fully customize the button before generating the code. You can have fun with its various elements, from the button size and font to the button label and color!

Once you're done customizing the button, click Generate Code to get the integration code. A pop-up window should come up with the embed codes. The second option should be the button code you can install on your website.

Note: Keep in mind that the main script, or the first code option, is already installed on your website.

Once both codes are applied to your website, the button should display itself and use the functionality to highlight your campaign.

Note: These can be generated for any amount of campaigns within your website!

If you have any further questions about our integration center, feel free to get in touch with us!