Invite a Fundraiser

You can invite supporters via email to create fundraising pages from within the Campaign Editor. Go to Edit This Campaign > Add or Edit Peer-to-Peer

From within the Tool Settings tab, click Invite Fundraisers:

A window will pop up where you will be able to enter one or multiple email addresses, separated by comma, of those you'd like to invite to become fundraisers. There is an email draft already added here, but you are welcome to review and make any edits, and include custom HTML if you'd like.

Once ready, hit "Send Invites".

Once the invites are sent, the supporters will receive an email with a button to create their profiles. Once they click it, they will be prompted to set up their profile and then pick a title, story, and fundraising goal for their page:

On the same page they will be able to join a team, create a team or fund raise as an individual. 

After clicking Get Started, they will be shown a confirmation page with buttons to both see their page or to edit it. They will also receive an automated email with both of those campaign management links.