Launching a Campaign

Once you've tested and reviewed your campaign, you're ready to launch!

There are three (3) steps to launching your campaign: make it active, add it to your website, and share it with your audience. (We can take care of steps 1 & 2 for you)

Step 1: Make It Active

First, be sure to hit "Publish" in your Flipcause Dashboard to make your campaign active. This means it's ready to be made live to your audience. 

Campaigns that are "Active" as opposed to "Drafts" make them available in the following areas - 

Step 2: Add It To Your Website

Next, determine where it should live. Your campaigns are already hosted on Flipcause, but you'll probably want a button or a widget for it on your website.

We recommend making it prominent and easy to find, perhaps in multiple locations, such as:

  • Featured on your homepage
  • In your floating button (which appears on every page on your site)
  • In the main navigation menu
  • Have its own dedicated landing page on your site

Here is a full rundown of your integration options as well as an example of what each looks like: Integration Options

Once you know how and where you'd like to have your campaign live, take a look at the below step-by-steps for more details on how to do it -

Step 3: Share It With Your Audience

Once you have a place where this campaign lives, you can use the link to that area to share it with your supporters. We recommend sharing it in both your email and social media channels. Here's how to share your campaign on your social media channels.

Email tips:

As always, your Success Team is here for you every step of the way! Get support by sending us an email.