Flipcause LIVE: Processing Donations

The Flipcause LIVE app allows you to use your mobile device to process donations and email an automated tax receipts and thank you to your donors, along with recording those transaction and contacts recorded into your Flipcause database. 

Before You Start

Configure Your Settings

You'll want to make sure your donations have the right settings - 

  1. that they come through at 100% tax-deductible, 
  2. that they get applied to the correct campaign, and 
  3. that the automated tax receipt and thank you that your donor receives looks the way you want it to.

To do this, go to Payment Profiles and create a payment profile called "Donations" with the following settings:

  • Enter "0" (zero) in the Item Market Value field for your donations to be 100% tax-deductible
  • Select the campaign attribution you would like this donation to go toward
  • Optional but recommended:  configure your receipt custom thank you message in this profile.
    Please note that tying a campaign to this payment profile does not transfer over any existing donation levels or settings from that campaign, nor does it transfer over any existing receipt custom messages from that campaign.

When you set up a Payment Profile you plan to use most often, you should set it as the default payment profile in your app for easy use.

Optional: Configure Your Hardware

You don't need a card reader to process donations. But if you do plan to use the card reader, you'll want to make sure 

  1. it's fully charged and 
  2. is correctly connected
  3. If your device does not have a headphone jack, please be sure to get an Apple-certified adaptor

Taking Donations

Donation Amount & Info

Click Add a Payment button.

In the Payment Amount field, enter the donation amount you'd like to charge. 

Choose a payment frequency if you'd like this to be recurring (if it will be recurring, you'll have to enter the card number manually).

Make sure the right payment profile is selected under Select Payment Profile. You can also change the payment profile from here, or make adjustments to it by clicking view, making changes, and tapping Apply These Settings. (If you change the settings, you'll have to re-enter the donation amount).

If you need to make any additional notes on this donation, you'll want to do so in the Add Internal Note field.

Click Charge $__ button to proceed.

Payment Info

Choose whether they are paying in cash, check or card. 

If they are paying with card and you intend to use the reader, click Card - Use Reader and check to make sure the black bar at the top confirms that "Card Reader is Connected". You may swipe or insert the card, and we recommend inserting the chip when available for the most secure processing. 

You may also enter the card number manually by clicking "Card - Enter Manually". 

After the card is authorized, the page asking for the signature will show up. At this point, flip the device to face the donor and let them know that the fee coverage option is pre-checked, and they can uncheck it if they do not want to cover the processing fee. Ask for their signature. 

Donor Info

After the payment has processed, donors will have the option to enter their email address and name on this page then click Send Receipt. Entering their information will send them an automated tax receipt and thank you. (If your supporter skips this step, their email, first name and last name will be blank in your reports)

Press Back to Homepage to be taken back to the home screen, where you can start a new payment.

If they are paying in cash, you can enter the amount of cash you are receiving (if more than the donation amount) by clicking Custom and entering the cash amount received, and clicking Tender to calculate the change needed.

If they are paying with a check, you can enter the amount of the check along with the check number then click Finish