Edit a Payment Profile

STEP 1: Open existing profile

Access Payment Profiles by selecting it from the side menu settings. Tap the hamburger menu at the top left corner to reveal the side menu, and tap Payment Profiles to access.

Under the Edit a Payment Profile section, use the dropdown menu to choose the profile you'd like to update, then tap Edit This Profile

STEP 2:  Make the desired changes 

  1. Title and Description - It's a good idea to use the same title as the campaign for which these payments will be applied, and add more details in the description as to what kinds of payments this profile is for.
  2. Campaign Association - When you process payments through the app and use the Payment Profile, the Campaign Association within the Payment Profile is how the app knows what campaign to log this transaction under.
  3. Item Market Value - This is equivalent to Fair Market Value. (This will be used to set the Tax-deductible Amount on the receipt.) 
  4. Sales Tax 
  5. Add a Receipt Custom Message that will be included in your Supporter's receipt. 
  6. Information Collection - Make entering email, first name and last name required or optional. 

STEP 3:  Save the profile

Tap Save This Profile and your profile will be saved for future payments. You'll receive a notification to confirm the profile saved successfully.

(Note: You can customize a payment profile on-the-fly at the time of a single transaction without saving the changes to the profile.)