Event Checklist for Using Flipcause LIVE Mobile App & Card Reader

Before Your Event

First, you’ll want to determine which tasks you will need to complete using Flipcause LIVE, how many card readers you will need for this, how many volunteers you’ll need, and what kinds of mobile devices you will have available for your event. 

* The Flipcause Card Readers are compatible and supported only for use with iOS and Apple devices. You can still use the Flipcause LIVE app on Google Play for Android devices for check-ins and processing and entering payments manually.

** Third-party or non-Apple adaptors will likely create issues and not work properly. Please use only Apple-made adaptors to ensure smooth functioning of the card reader.

  1.  Order your Flipcause Card Readers here*

  2. Download the Flipcause LIVE mobile app
    1. Download for iOS  (compatible with iOS 11.0 and above)
    2. Download for Android (compatible with Android version 4.4.0 and above)*

  3. Purchase a headphone jack adapter if your device does not have a headphone jack. (Recent  devices, such as iPhone 7/8/X or new iPad/Pro tablets, no longer have a built-in audio jack, and you will need this Apple adapter** for the card reader to work. You can buy the adapter here.

  4. Charge your card reader before using it. (Each reader will come with a USB charging cord and the small indicator light next to the Micro USB slot will be GREEN when the reader is charged)
  5. Set up your Payment Profiles so the payments you process in the app have the correct tax-deductibility status, apply to the right campaign, and have the right sales tax associated with them. Here's how to set them up.

  6. Test each device you plan to use:
    • Turn off autofill in your device settings (on Android devices) 
    • Make sure to charge the card reader(s) again after testing
  7. Train your volunteers/staff: 
    • Have all of your staff/volunteers test the Card Reader on the device they will be using on the day of the event 
    • Have staff/volunteers check Payment Profiles on their devices
    • Bonus Tip: Create subadmin profiles for each of your volunteers

  8. Secure internet connection at event site. Internet connection will allow your organization to:  
    • Accept payments using the Flipcause Card Reader or manual entry
    • Allow better sync across devices when doing check-ins and check-outs
  9. Have a backup plan. Internet connections can go down! Don't let it ruin your big event. We recommend printing a paper list of attendees and list of volunteers as a backup and having a backup solution for taking payments in case the internet stops working.

During Your Event: Processing & Recording Payments

  1. Make sure all devices have internet connection while using the Flipcause LIVE  and Flipcause Card Reader

  2. Check that the card reader is connected (there will be a black strip below the Flipcause LIVE logo indicating “Card Reader Connected”) 

  3. Use a Payment Profile - this will ensure a correct tax receipt and tax-deductible amount, correct campaign attribution, and other details such as sales tax.

  4. Enter supporter name and email. Without this, the transaction won't record who the supporter was: your supporter won't receive an automated receipt and this transaction's email, first name & last name will be blank in your Flipcause records.

  5. Let the supporter know about their fee coverage options. On the signature page, make sure they see that the box to cover the fee is pre-checked, and let them know they can tap to uncheck it if they do not want to cover the fee.  No surprises necessary!

Tip: Disconnect the card reader when you are not accepting payments. The reader will not charge when it is plugged into your device.