Flipcause LIVE Mobile App FAQs

Can supporters still cover the processing fees in the LIVE app?

Yes! On the signature page, the supporter has the option to cover the processing fee. Just like on your Flipcause campaigns, this option is pre-checked to have the supporter covering the fee, and they can uncheck the box to avoid covering the fee. (Great news: most still do cover it!)

What are the processing fees on Flipcause LIVE Mobile App? Do these payments qualify for the Guaranteed Effective Rate?

For donations/payments processed via manually entering the credit card number, the manual rate of 3.5% per transaction applies (because they cannot qualify for the Guaranteed Effective Rate. For more info, read our pricing page here.)

Can I process recurring donations on the LIVE app?

Yes. However, the only way to set up recurring donations in the app is to enter the credit card number manually.

How do I configure how much of each donation/payment is tax-deductible?

Tax-deductibility settings are configured in Payment Profiles using the Item Market Value field, which indicates the Fair Market Value for that payment. The Tax-Deductible Amount for any donation/payment = the amount paid (-) the amount in “Item Market Value” within the Payment Profile used. 

In other words, to have your payments come through as 100% tax-deductible donations, set your Item Market Value to = 0 (zero) for the Payment Profile you will be using.

How are donations/payments recorded in the Flipcause Dashboard & reports?

Payments processed using the Flipcause LIVE Mobile App will come through as a “donation” transaction type on your Flipcause reports and will appear as a Donation Activity on your Contact Profiles (if you’re using Flipcause Activity Tracker).

Can I connect my Online Store to the app, and use the card reader to charge for the items listed there?

Not at this time. All payments processed using the LIVE app are recorded as a donation activity type, meaning they won’t be tied to items in your store or reduce the inventory available of those items. You can use the Notes section when processing the payment if you’d like to record that the payment is for a specific item.